Halloween: Why is the festival of ghosts ‘Halloween Day’ actually celebrated? This is the real story!

Halloween: Why is the festival of ghosts ‘Halloween Day’ actually celebrated?  This is the real story!

Halloween ..when hearing this name, western people who make themselves like ghosts remember. Manols are also celebrating the Bhutala festival which is celebrated all over the world. This festival is held on the last Sunday of October every year. This time it will be celebrated on October 29. Like Christmas, Good Friday and Easter, Halloween is celebrated in a grand manner. Horror movie watchers don’t need to mention this festival. Many movies and web series have already come out in the background of this Halloween.

This is the history of Halloween..

Going further back in history.. About 2000 years ago, Halloween Day was celebrated as ‘All Saints Day’ across Northern Europe. Some historians say that Halloween originated from an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain. It is believed that on this day the souls of dead people rise on earth and trouble the living souls. To scare away these evil spirits, people dress up as ghosts. Apart from this, to drive them away, fires are lit everywhere  the bones of dead animals are displayed. 

Halloween‌ is also known as All Hallows Eve, All Hallows Evening, All Halloween  All Saints Eve. Today is the last day of the Celtic calendar. All Hallows Eve is the evening before All Saints Day. It is now called Halloween Eve. This ceremony includes idol worship. Actually All Saints Day  Halloween Day are celebrated on the same day.

Halloween Day is celebrated very differently. On this day people dress up in scary costumes and go to friends’ houses and gift some sweets. On this day, children carry pumpkin-shaped bags from door to door. Also, people carve eyes, nose and mouth into hollow pumpkins and place a candle in it. This makes it look scary. After this the pumpkin is collected and buried.

On this festival  day many people are made into ghosts, ghouls, grim reapers, monsters, mummies, skeletons, witches. In this ceremony, the spirits are invited by placing food items outside their homes. In America, it is considered inauspicious to see a black cat on Halloween evening. 

After Christmas, Halloween is the biggest festival celebrated in American & European countries. On Halloween, children in America go trick-or-treating  go to their neighbors’ houses and go trick-or-treating. Then the neighbors call them a treat and give them chocolate to eat.

On this day people make Halloween theme shaped candies, Halloween cakes, candies shaped like skulls, pumpkins, bats,  insects. Pumpkin cake, pumpkin chocolate, popcorn, pound cake, pumpkin-filled rumkin, roasted pumpkin seeds, sweet corn, and soul cake are also made.

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