Hair transplant Side Effect: A young man who lost his life after going for hair, be careful before undergoing surgery

Hair Transplant Side Effect:

Neglect of doctors..

Hair loss is one of the problems that are troubling the youth of this generation. After thirty years…many people are getting bald. Hair fall is starting for girls too. Many feel this as a big problem and get tensed. Any oils are used. If none of them work… Hair Transplantation is done. This cannot be said to be successful all the time. Sometimes this leads to death. This happened to a young man in Delhi. He decided to undergo the surgery with the belief that the hair would surely come back. In this order… he could not bear the operation and died. 30-year-old Atar Rashid…went to a clinic in Delhi for hair transplantation. He died due to the negligence of the staff there. This young man is the basis of mother and two younger sisters. These three are now in a state of confusion. When a complaint was filed against that clinic…the police arrested the people related to this incident. The deceased’s mother revealed that after the treatment was completed, all the blood was reddened and the kidneys stopped working. She said that gradually each organ stopped working. This is not the first incident of death while undergoing hair transplant. Many such things have happened in the past. 

Last year in September, a young man from Gujarat died in the same way. Before that, in 2019, a businessman from Mumbai lost his life two days after undergoing hair transplantation. Why is it happening..? Why are these surgeries being done so carelessly…? 

These are the reasons.. is not a life-threatening surgery. But..even if you are careless, there is danger to life. A mistake made in many clinics is to give general anesthesia instead of local anesthesia. It certainly increases the risk of death. As it is a very sensitive place… even a little bit here and there, the effect is immediately felt. And another reason… to transplant a large amount of hair at once. It is safe to transplant 3000 hairs at once. But…doing more than that…is taking lives. This is why the businessman died in Mumbai. 9 thousand hairs were transplanted at once. He lost it and died. It is our responsibility to check if the doctors are experts or not. If transplantation is done wherever it is done at a low cost…such bad consequences are inevitable. Many people are making this mistake. They are going to small clinics because they are brave because they know, or because they can’t spend much but they want to get hair. Doctors there do not care whether they are qualified or not. 

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