Hair Care : Do you also make the mistake of wrapping a towel on wet hair after washing your hair? So definitely read ‘this’


Hair Care Tips : hair. Many people are seen using expensive products for hair spa, hair mask, oiling. There are some basic things that we tend to overlook while taking care of volume hair. You will want to take care of your hair. So there is a need to change the habits of hair washing and hair drying. Many people wrap their hair in a towel immediately after washing it, this dries the hair and prevents the water from escaping. But this habit is very harmful. This damages your hair. Know the side effects of towel wrapping habit on wet hair.

Change these habits for better hair health (Common Showering and Bathing Mistakes)

Wraping wet hair with a towel after a shower damages the hair. This weakens your hair and causes hair loss. Hair is very fragile when wet. In that case, wrapping the hair with a towel causes friction between the hair and the towel. This causes hair breakage. Apart from that it also reduces the shine of the hair.

2. Hair Becomes Dull

Wrapping a towel over the head after a bath rubs the hair with the towel. This can lead to rough or dry hair. Because if the hair is tied with a towel for a long time, the natural oil in the hair is lost. It makes the hair very dry.

Rubbing a towel on your face damages your skin. Rubbing a towel on the face damages the skin cells. So give up the habit of rubbing the towel on your face. Gently wipe the face while drying the face. This will make your skin glow.

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