Gut Health Tips : Are you eating everything during the festival? But follow these precautions

Gut Health Tips : Are you eating everything during the festival?  But follow these precautions

During the festive season we celebrate with family and friends. We all make delicious dinners together. At this time we give a break to diets and drag everything. But if you follow strict diets… eating delicious food at once… or eating too much or eating too many sweets, the digestive system gets a bit uncomfortable. During this time you have to follow some tips to keep your gut healthy even if you eat everything. 

During the festival we don’t eat on time Whether it’s because of pujas.. or when friends and family come to eat together.. they eat later than expected. It adversely affects our digestive system. So eat something on time. Or plan for everyone to eat on time. 

Be in control..

It is a bit difficult not to eat when all the delicious food is in front of your eyes. But try everything at this time.. put some limits on them. This is good for you and your health. If you feel full, stop there. It reduces the burden on your digestive system. Eating too much of all the food will put more pressure on the digestive system. Moreover, nutritious food is scarce during this time. So you have to take proper food. 

Stay hydrated..

You need to stay hydrated to keep your gut healthy. Drink plenty of water, herbal teas and fruit juices. It keeps your gut healthy. If you get dehydrated during this time.. the situation will get worse. If you stay hydrated, the toxins in your body will be flushed out more easily.

Make sure you have fiber…

Eating high-fiber foods like vegetables, whole grains, and beans is great for your gut health. good This prevents the growth of bacteria in your digestive tract. So along with the starchy foods you eat.. include these in your diet as well. Foods rich in probiotics like yogurt are also good for your digestion. So you can include these in your diet. Green tea, salads, fruits can be taken. 

Stay away from them..

Dhoom Dham during the festival many people consume alcohol. Alcohol and cigarettes are taken with friends and family. These cause digestive problems. So take them in moderation while not completely ignoring them. It is even better to stop altogether. Not only good for digestive system but also good for your health.

Reduce stress..

Some people get stressed during the festival due to various reasons. Stress also affects gut health. So you do breathing exercises for a while. Or do yoga. Sit and talk with whoever you like. This will reduce your stress. 

Also take a walk after eating. Proper sleep is also essential. Many spend less time sleeping with family. It affects gut health. So sleep well this time. If you eat too much in one meal, control the food in another meal. It is good for your gut health. 

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