Green camphor made from tree milk and Harati camphor is a different story

No pooja is complete without offering aarti with camphor. And to get a good aroma for the brownies, you have to add a little green camphor. If we use these in our daily life, have we ever thought of what they are made of? Camphor is made from the camphor laurel tree. These trees are not found anywhere. In some countries of the Asian continent. Especially found in Borneo and Taiwan. In our country, these trees are abundant in the Nilgiri Hills, Mysore and Malabar.  The leaves of these trees extract milk from the branches. If a tree is cut, milk will flow. Camphor is made from that milk. These are also prepared from plants called camphor tulsi. 

Fifteen types…
We know two camphors. One is green camphor and the other is Harati camphor. But there are fifteen types of these. They are Ghana Saram, Bhimasenam, Ishavasam, Udaya Bhaskaram, Kamma Camphor, Ghatikam, Turu Daham, Tusharam, Hima Rasam, Harati, Suddham, Hickari, Potashrayam, Potasham, Sita Bhram. Otherwise, we have to work with green camphor and harati camphor. That’s why we don’t know about the rest. 

Green camphor…
The roots, stems and branches of trees are boiled in water to extract the milk. Green camphor is prepared by distillation method. It is mostly used for food preparation. It is also used in medicine. It is also used in the preparation of katuka. 

Harati camphor
This is the camphor that burns in all our homes when there is a fire like this. A chemical process is used to make it. Harati camphor is prepared chemically by mixing turpentine. It is not used in food or medicine. 

For health…
It is very good to keep green camphor at home. It cures many types of health problems. It is very good if you add camphor and steam it when you have cough and cold. Inhaling that smell is also good. Rubbing camphor powder on the chest before going to sleep will provide quick relief. Instills a sense of calm. Moreover, applying camphor oil to the hair can also promote hair growth. Protects hair ends from split ends. Makes hair grow soft. 

Harati camphor should not be used in food. Also should not be mixed with hair oils. Only green camphor should be used for this. Because as mentioned earlier, Harathi camphor contains a chemical called turpentine. 

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