Google Search 2022: Do you know the most searched recipe on Google this year? If you know its benefits, you will not leave at all!

ImIn the past, if you want to cook something, you are the one who tells you mother and grandmother at home. But now they are searching on Google for any type of cooking. Or they watch videos on YouTube and simply make their favorite dish at home. Do you know the most searched recipe on Google this year? Paneer is preferred. According to google 2022 global data searched about how to make paneer pasand recipe. Delicious creamy paneer pasand is loved by all.

Pasand means thick gravy. It is prepared with tomatoes and onions. Spices and almond paste are added to give it more flavor. Add curd or cream for garnish. This curry is mouth-watering just by looking at it and is eaten with butter naan. Paneer is the main ingredient in this dish. A very favorite food for vegetarians. Paneer has many nutritional values.

History behind Paneer Pasand

Paneer was replaced by lamb or goat meat in the Mughal period when people made pasand dishes. It is popular as a favorite non-vegetarian dish. But the Kayast community, who worked as courtiers in the Mughal court, called it paneer pasand instead of meat. 294 calories.

Carbohydrates 49 calories

Protein 37 calories

Fat 200 calories

A person should consume 2000 to 2500 calories per day. . Paneer pasand covers 15 percent of daily calories.

Benefits of eating paneer

Paneer has many health benefits. Eating it keeps the stomach full for longer. Strengthens the immune system. 100 grams of paneer contains an average of 20 grams of fat, protein and one gram of carbohydrate. Eating paneer instead of meat is the best alternative for a protein rich diet.

Reduces the risk of breast cancer

Paneer is rich in calcium and vitamin D. Paneer helps to reduce breast cancer which is one of the deadliest cancers faced by women. Sphingolipid‌ in paneer helps to fight colon and prostate cancer due to high amount of proteins. Bones become stronger. Taking it regularly helps the nervous system to function smoothly. Keeps heart muscles healthy.

Reduces weight

Protein in paneer keeps stomach full for longer. Can’t eat much due to this. Contains fatty acids that help burn excess calories. The result is weight loss.

Regulates the digestive system

Paneer is rich in phosphorus and magnesium. Helps in smooth digestion. Prevents constipation.

Good for diabetics

Magnesium in paneer keeps blood sugar levels under control. Improves heart health. Strengthens immunity.

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