Good Health Care Tips: Drinking too much water can cause ‘these’ diseases

Health Care Tips: To stay healthy, the body needs to be hydrated. Drinking less water can lead to many diseases. Our body is 70% water. So drinking less water can cause migraines, indigestion and obesity. & nbsp; Drink water throughout the day. But if you are constantly drinking water or you feel thirsty, then you have to deal with these diseases. Learn what causes drinking too much water. & Nbsp;
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Diabetes – Many get diabetes at an early age. This is because of your lifestyle. Similar thirst is a symptom of diabetes. Diabetes causes high blood sugar. Which the kidneys cannot easily filter. This causes dehydration and thirst. & Nbsp;
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Excessive sweating – Excessive sweating causes dehydration. . Also, your body needs more water to balance its body temperature, which also makes you more thirsty.

Drinking too much water can lead to heart failure. Also, & nbsp; drinking too much increases the amount of blood in the body which puts pressure on the coronary arteries. Excessive pressure can lead to heart failure. So drink the right amount of water. & Nbsp;

How much water to drink in the morning and afternoon?
Drink 3 & nbsp; water after waking up in the morning. Drink the same amount of water daily. Water should be drunk 2 hours after meal. Also have breakfast 45 minutes after drinking water. Don’t eat anything before that. & nbsp; Drinking less water can cause migraines, indigestion and obesity. & nbsp;

Note: ABP is passing on all of the above information to the reader-audience only as my information. ABP does not claim any of this from me. Therefore, any treatment, diet and medication should be taken with expert advice.

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