Good Health Care Tips: Consume Makhanas in this way, the level of diabetes will be under control

Health Benefits of Makhana: Makhana is very beneficial for our health. Its consumption helps in improving the level of glucose in the body and controlling the cholesterol level. On the other hand, if your sugar level keeps going up and down, then you should include Makhana in your diet.

Benefits in diabetes Makhana- Insulin production decreases in diabetic patients. Due to which the patients of diabetes always feel tired. In such a situation, if you consume Makhana daily, then you can control diabetes. For this, you can make and eat Makhana Kheer.  

Makhana Kheer Ingredients-

1 cup makhana, four cups milk, 12 dates, a handful of raisins, quarter cup almonds, quarter cup walnuts, pinch of saffron

Makhana Kheer Recipe –

Add dates  and almonds in half less hot milk and leave it for 15 minutes. After this grind it into a fine and thick paste and keep aside. After this fry the makhanas till they become crisp. Then let them cool down. Now boil milk in a pan and add saffron. Now slow down the flame and then add the grated makhana in it. After this, stir it for 30 minutes till it becomes soft.  After this add pesset of dates, walnuts and almonds. After this add raisins and let it cool down and serve this makhane kheer after half an hour.

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