Golden Tongue Mummies: Golden Tongue Mummies, Gold Coated Bones in Archeological Excavations

Golden Tongue Mummies:

In the Delta region..

In Egypt‌ "mommy"No matter how many secrets come to light… few new things are revealed by research. While excavating a tomb in the Central Nile Delta…another sensational thing came to light. Archeology department officials have noticed that some mummies have golden tongues. Excavations were carried out here under the orders of the Supreme Council for the Department of Archaeology. Egypt Independent revealed this. It is expected that there will be many more graves in this area. However, officials believe that all these may belong to the same period. In the mouths at the time these mummies were exhumed "Human tongue" Similar gold flakes were identified. Some mummies’ bones are plated with gold…and some mummies are gold scarabs‌ It was found that it was buried at Coffins made of wood were found along with screws made of copper. Officials revealed that the mummies were in a state of digestion and the gold plating was intact. Quesna Quarries Cemetery is very important in the delta region. This cemetery has provided important information about the mummies. This area was identified in 1989. It is estimated that it was occupied during the Roman period. Last year too, archaeological officials found a skull with a golden tongue. Before that, the mummies of a man, a woman and a boy were identified. It is concluded that these are 2,500 years ago. 

Strange mummy..

Recently, a ‘mummy’ found in a box in a temple in Okayama Prefecture, Japan‌ They were surprised to see. They were shocked to find that it was human-like up to the waist and fish-like in the rest. Until then ‘Mermaid’ Thinking that it was just a myth, researchers started scanning the ‘Mermaid&rsquo found in that temple. It is still a mystery as to who put this “mermaid” in the temple, which was found by a fisherman 300 years ago. “Mermaid” has been worshiped for the past few centuries with the belief that it has many medicinal properties and if you worship it, you will live a healthy life.  According to the note on the box, it was caught by a fisherman between 1736-1741 who sold it to a wealthy family. Hiroshi Kinoshita, board member of the Okayama Folklore Society, began efforts to find out the origins of this mythical maiden. Permission has already been taken from the temple authorities to inspect it. Already that mommy got a CT scan‌ Organized. Its DNA samples are also being examined. Its results are likely to be announced this year. However, it is believed to be a new species born of monkey-fish infection. 

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