Glowing Skin: Get glowing skin with sunflower oil

Natural products always work better on the skin than artificial cosmetics. Because they are free of chemicals and make the skin healthy. Skin care is a challenge for everyone in this busy schedule. Natural sunflower oil can make your skin glow instead of the marketed ones. Do you think that cooking with sunflower oil will make it greasy if you apply it on your face? That is not the case. Moreover, it has many benefits.

Removes dead cells

Face loses its natural glow due to sun and pollution throughout the day. Harmful UV rays, dirt and bacteria build up on the face causing tan and clogged pores. Sun‌ The flower contains linoleic acid. It has skin lightening properties and reduces melanin production. This reduces hyperpigmentation. Vitamin E in this oil protects the skin from harmful rays.   Helps get rid of sun tan. The result is tan free, fresh and clean skin.

How to apply?

Instead of applying sunflower oil directly on the skin, mix it with a little coconut oil. Massage gently. After a while, the nail can be washed with warm water,

Check for all skin problems

Sunflower oil, which comes naturally from plants, is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. By applying it, black spots, white spots, pimples and wrinkles are reduced on the face. Provides smooth skin without oiliness. Not only that, it makes the skin healthy, shiny and dry. Prevents aging signs.

How to apply?

Sunflower oil can be mixed with 2-4 drops of lavender oil or lemon oil. Doing this will give you a refreshed and smooth skin. Apply 2-4 drops of the mixture on the face and massage it with small strokes. Then wipe with a damp cloth.

Heals Wounds

Natural sunflower oil also has healing properties. The presence of linoleic acid plays a key role in healing wounds quickly and without pain.

Natural moisturizing and cleaning properties

Sunflower oil acts as a natural cleansing, moisturizing . Cleanses the face without using any harsh chemicals. Moisturizing makes the skin soft and radiant. Take a little oil every morning and evening and gently massage it,

Reduces heat in the skin

Sensitive or dry skin is always red. Paddu Thirugudu oil protects the skin and keeps your natural skin tone from fading. This oil protects the skin and keeps it cool. But after writing this, only organic, cold oil should be used to avoid any reaction.

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