Girls Problem: Those problems of girls which men cannot even imagine in their dreams, they have to face these problems every day.

Girls Problem : It is said that only a woman can understand the pain of a woman. This proves to be true in many places because there are many things that men can never understand the pain of. Today we will introduce you to the same problems that women go through and men cannot even understand how hard they have to face because of this. 

Staring Eyes-
Men can’t even imagine how much their staring eyes bother women. How uncomfortable does she feel? No one can even imagine this. Men can never understand this pain.

Permission to do job-
Have you ever seen a man need to ask permission from someone to do a job? Probably not, but to do a job, a woman not only needs permission from her home, but conditions are also placed in front of her. Like late night can’t work, if any guest comes at home then it is necessary to take leave, don’t think of going to party… all the restrictions like. Although this does not happen to everyone, but most of the women have to face it.

Traveling Alone-
No man can imagine how big an issue traveling alone is for a woman. How many troubles they have to face and if the time is of night, then these problems increase. 

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