Generic Medicine: Do you know what is generic medicine? If you can find it at a low price

Ram Charan starrer movie Dhruva. The whole story revolves around generic drugs. Then many people will doubt that. These were introduced with the intention of providing medicines to the poor at low cost. Now a branded drug which costs 100 rupees, can be found in a generic medical store for just 10 rupees. However, there are very few people who go to the generic medicine shop. There is a lot of mistrust among them that only branded medicines work. Actually there is no big difference between the two medicines. Both are made the same. Otherwise branded companies sell them under their brand name. There is no brand name on generic drugs.

What is a generic drug?
Pharma companies do a lot of research to find a new drug. Clinical trials are conducted over several years. After all the tests are completed they will be introduced in the market. Same branded drugs. The pharma company has the patent rights for the drug for twenty years. At that time other people should not make that medicine with the same formula. The company claims that it has spent a lot of money in manufacturing the drug. In order to get that money, they think that they have to sell that drug only. That is why governments also give that right to the company in the name of patent. 

After twenty years anyone can make that drug with the same formula. Medicines are prepared with the same formula and sold in generic medicine shops at a lower rate. Otherwise there will be no brand name on it. Generic drugs are those which are manufactured with the formula of other pharmaceutical companies and sold for the poor at a lower rate. These are sold only in generic drug shops. Cipla, SR, Reddys… all these are branded drug companies. 

Generic drugs are good…
 many. Many people believe in branded drugs. Pharma companies send their salesmen to doctors and hospitals and do good promotions. Because of that, doctors prescribe only branded medicines to patients. In fact, even generic drugs work well. This is because generic and branded drug formulas are the same. Dolo 650mg is a best selling drug now. Suppose its price is Rs.30 for ten tabs. The price of this paracetamol in the same generic medical shops is only five rupees. But how many people buy it? Generic medicines are equally effective as branded medicines. 

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