Garlic cloves were found in Egyptian tombs and had a prominent place in ancient medicine

If you sleep with cloves of garlic under your pillow, you will be very healthy and sleep well… This is a belief that comes from ancient times. In modern times it is called ‘trash’   But no one who knows the power of garlic talks like that. Even if it is placed under the pillow, it reaches our digestive system. Just the virtues of its smell can check many diseases in us.  That’s why garlic is the top in ancient medicine. Historians say that its use started around 7000 years ago. It is said that it was born in Central Asia and from there this crop spread to other countries. 

It seems that ancient doctors recognized the health benefits of garlic from the third millennium BC. At that time, garlic was widely sold in China, Japan and Korea and people were allowed to eat it. It is believed to help reduce health problems like digestion, respiration, fatigue and depression. Garlic was considered a powerful food in ancient Korea. In ancient India, garlic became part of Ayurvedic medicine. Written records say that it was used to treat heart disease and arthritis. 

In that king’s tomb..
Egypt has a history with the most strange traditions in the world. The fact that the ancient Egyptians turned the dead into mummies is already quite interesting. When the Egyptian king Tutankhamen was mummified 3,500 years ago, some cloves of garlic were sprinkled in his tomb. They were discovered in 1922 when Tutankhamen’s tomb was excavated. He was an Egyptian pharaoh who died young. He died when he was only 18 to 19 years old.

Garlic Power
Science also supports the health benefits of garlic. Its pungent smell works for many ailments. If people who have insomnia problem sleep with this under the pillow, the sleep related problems will also disappear. It also repels mosquitoes and insects from coming near you. But the scientific explanation for this is linked to the presence of sulfur in garlic. It is concluded that it is because of this sulfur that it has a strong smell. 

It contains an antioxidant called allicin. It fights free radicals and prevents premature aging. Increases absorption of other nutrients like zinc and iron. Allicin is effective against many health conditions, from diabetes to asthma. Allicin lowers blood pressure. Prevents platelets from clotting, which means they thin the blood and prevent blood clots from forming. It also works on bad cholesterol. Prevents the accumulation of bad fats in the blood.

In the ancient Greek tradition,   even in the temples, they are said to be used to worship the gods or as offerings. It is said that the Greeks used to feed these to their sailors and warriors and send them into battle. 

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