Gandhi Jayanti: Mahatma Gandhi Diet Plan Very Very Special! It provides not only physical but also mental energy

Mahatma Gandhi participated in the country’s freedom struggle and played a vital role in taking the movement forward. The strategy of war was advanced in a peaceful way. He did his best to bring freedom to the country without shedding a drop of blood. Today (October 2) is the birth anniversary of that great man. The dietary rules he followed from birth to death became an example for many people.

Gandhi who rejected the advice of his friends

Mahatma Gandhi, who was born in Gujarat, went to London to study law. Conditions were different in London compared to India. The food habits there were also very different compared to here. In the early days of Gandhi’s visit to London, his friends gave him a lot of advice about food. It is said that eating meat is very good. But, he politely rejected their suggestions and suggestions. They eat vegetables, greens and pulses instead of meat. Gandhi about his eating habits..  ‘The Science of Being and Art of Living’ Explained in the book.   

Vegetarian obsession

Gandhi had three baskets of food plans. The first basket contained vegetarian food, the second basket contained meat food, and the third basket contained mixed food. The first basket contained fruits and vegetables including  vegetarian  pulses,  grains. The second basket contains mostly meat, poultry and fish. Gandhiji’s favorite was the mixed-diet basket or third basket. It consisted of different types of food items. Pulses, vegetables, dairy products  were mainly He is mostly a vegetarian.   ‘Gandhis Way’by Stanley Wolpert; According to the book  Gandhi used to consume a lot of pulses.   

Eating habits that give physical and mental strength 

Bapuji used to eat only one meal a day.  They are not those who take bread, pasta and sugar.  Rice, dal, chapati, curd, peda are his favorite dishes.  Gandhi used to say that the human body has the ability to reconstruct itself. They strongly believed that the body can be healthy only if we eat the right food.  Gandhi strongly believed that body and mind are inseparable.  Gandhi diet plan is also known to provide mental energy. It is very helpful in burning fat and gaining strong muscles. Many people followed his diet at that time. They were very happy without any health problems. Although Gandhi did not mention his eating habits much to his friends, he definitely followed a method.  

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