From mole to change in weight, these 5 common ‘warning signals’ of cancer are seen in youth

From mole to change in weight, these 5 common ‘warning signals’ of cancer are seen in youth

Cancer Warning Symptoms: Cancer is such a dangerous disease, whose symptoms are usually clearly visible after the condition worsens. Recognizing its initial symptoms proves difficult for everyone. Most of the symptoms of cancer appear like common problems, so people do not recognize them on time. Although many people take small symptoms seriously and get it treated on time, so that they avoid its risk.

A research suggests that less than 50 percent of youth aged 18 to 24 are able to pay attention to the five common warning signals of cancer. If you are seeing these 5 symptoms, then it means that you should immediately get a doctor examined.  

In the new research of Teenage Cancer Trust, it has been found that youth are not properly aware of the symptoms of cancer. They ignore many such symptoms, which are very important to be identified on time. The most commonly recognized symptoms of cancer among 18 to 24-year-olds are lumps, lumps, and swelling. However, 56 percent are still unable to identify it.

5 common symptoms of cancer in youth

1. lumps, bumps and swellings

Check every part of your body whether there is any lump or unnecessary swelling there. Also see if there is any lump in the breasts or testicles. The best way to detect a lump is to examine your body properly while you are in the shower.

2. Sesame

It is common to have a mole on everyone’s body. But you should know that many times these moles create the risk of developing cancer. Sesame can give shelter to cancer cells. If you notice any change in your body like size, shape, colour, bleeding, itching or crusting etc., never take it lightly and see a doctor immediately. 

< p style ="text-align: justify;">3. Sudden change in weight

If you are avoiding bad food or exercising fiercely then weight loss is common. But if you are not doing anything to lose weight and your weight is continuously falling then it is a matter of concern. On the other hand, if the weight is increasing rapidly then it is also a matter of concern. Because some tumors cause an increase in weight.

4. Fatigue

Cancer uses your body’s nutrients to grow. This is the reason why these nutrients do not contribute to your physical health. Therefore you may feel more tired.

5. persistent pain 

Pain in any part of the body tells us that something is wrong. Cancer Research UK believes that it is normal to experience pain as we age. But unexplained or persistent pain anywhere in the body can be a sign of a serious physical problem.

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