Friendship Day Wishes Telugu: Wish your lover in Telugu, choose your favorite quotes here

The real rich are those who have friends. It is a bit of a relief to tell those who are suffering. If possible, they will solve the problem. In our country Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. Wish your best friend in Telugu. Select the one you like from the quotes given below and copy it and WhatsApp it to your friend.   

1. If friendship is your weakness
 There is no one in the world stronger than you – George Bernard Shaw

2. Even if he loses… 
Pure friendship is mine that wants his friend to win…
Happy Friendship Day my friend p>

3. Many things that cannot be told to parents and siblings can only be told to friends. I found such things in your form. br />Happy Friendship Day Mitra

4. He is not poor without money, he is poor without friends. 
That is why I feel so rich. 
I have you. br />Happy Friendship Day Mitra

5. Life without friends is like a desert, 
If you have four friends by your side… 
How beautiful life is. 
Happy Friendship Day

6. Even though we are not related by blood..
We have a bond that intertwines more than that.
Happy Friendship Day my friend

7. To double my laughter, 
To share my pain 
You are the friend that God created for me…
< strong>Happy Friendship Day friend. 

8. Even if you don’t open your mouth and say a word… 
A true friend who understands the pain in the heart
Happy Friendship Day my friend

9. The more friends you have, the happier your life will be. 
Try to make as many friends as possible.
Happy Friendship Day Nestma

10. Even if you are among the four 
What makes you without you is love
If you are not in you
There are four like you Dare to say friendship
Happy Friendship Day Nestma

11. Friends are introduced to you who you do not know.

12. Even if the whole world turns you away… 
A friend who stands by you. 
Everyone is lucky to have such friends. 
Happy Friendship Day

13. Better to walk in the dark with a friend than to walk alone in the lights… – Helen Keller

14. You are always by my side in my difficult times, 
I thank God every day for giving me a true friend like you 
Happy Friendship Day

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