How to make crunchy butter wrap at home

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How to make: How to make crunchy butter wrap at home

Step 1:

Take rice flour, peanut flour and peanut flour in a bowl


Step 2:

Then add butter, cumin, lentils and salt as required


Step 3:

Then add water and knead well. Then cover the dough and let it soak for a while.


Step 4:

Then add oil to a pan and heat. Heat the oil and knead the dough into a squeezing mold so that we can squeeze as much as we need.


Step 5:

Put the squeezed dough in well-dried oil and fry till golden brown. That’s it well prepare the crunchy tasty butter wrap.


Step 6:

Store it in an air tight box for 10 to 15 days.

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