How to make a nutritious curry mixed with rice and jaggery?

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How to make: How to make nutritious curry mixed with rice and jaggery?

Step 1:

In a nonstick pan, add a little water and milk. Two minutes after the milk boils add the soaked rice to the milk.

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Step 2:

Add cardamom to boiling milk. Boil the rice well. Once the rice is fried, turn off the oven and let the mixture cool

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Step 3:

Once the mixture has reached room temperature, take half the amount of cashews and raisins in it.

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Step 4:

In another pan, add a little ghee, add cashews and raisins and fry until golden brown. In the same pan add the jam and a little water. Melt the jam and stir well until it becomes viscous.

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Step 5:

Then turn off the stove. Wait until the mixture has reached room temperature. Mix the milk and rice mixture and the whey mixture together.


Step 6:

Transfer the whipped cream to a bowl. Stir in the remaining cashews and raisins.


Step 7:

Tip 1: Mix the molasses and milk together until well combined. Otherwise the milk is likely to turn sour. Tip 2: Use organic jam for better taste.

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