Food in Banana Leaf: Do you know the benefits of eating in banana leaf?

SouthernIndia has a tradition of eating in a banana leaf. Eating in a banana leaf is not just a tradition.. there are genetic benefits for scientific reasons as well. There are also various rules in using banana leaf for food. Serve on top of the leaf when serving to guests. Shastra says that when serving for whom they should serve on the lower part of the leaf. In the past, people used to eat banana leaves every day. But nowadays Arita is eaten only on special occasions. Banana leaf is still used for food. Let’s see why our elders chose only banana leaf for meals. 

Banana leaf size

The large size of banana leaf makes it very convenient for serving and easy to eat. Kerala will hear about their sadya. Sadya is a large quantity of many different ingredients served on some special occasions. A large plate is required for serving in such an event. Then it becomes very easy to serve in arataku. All the ingredients can be served in Aratak at one time. That is why banana leaf is used in Sadhya.

Banana leaf is very cheap

Banana leaves are not only widely available but also very cheap. They are also available for sale in the market. Sold per kg or per piece. In fact, if you know anyone who has a banana garden, you can find it in advance.

Banana leaves are water proof

South Indian meals have a lot of liquid food items like sambar and rasam. Hence it is easy to eat in a banana leaf. The ghee and oil in the ingredients also do not stick to the leaf. So it is possible to get bored without any trouble. But, be careful not to puncture the leaf. 

Nice aroma

A thin layer of wax is natural on fresh arata. It melts when served hot. When it melts, it gives off a sweet smell. It gives a unique flavor to foods. This can be detected especially when eating arataka with hot broth and rice. That is why eating in a banana leaf is said to be a great feeling.

Science also says

Various literatures have explained about the importance of banana leaf in history even from ancient times. There are records of it being used not only in traditions and festivals, but also in decoration and serving of meals. No matter what kind of rituals and pujas are performed personally, eating in banana leaves is specially explained. are Moreover, it is also anti-bacterial. Hence it kills the microorganisms in the food. Many studies prove that the antioxidants present in arataka kill cancer cells. We may not eat the banana leaf but by eating the hot ingredients in the fresh plantain, these enter our body.

Eco Friendly

Plastic is mostly used in the form of disposable plates. These take years to decompose. Due to these, the damage to the environment is immense. But, banana leaves are nature’s preparation. They are also widely available.


Since they are water proof, they do not stick to the leaf even if any chemicals are sprinkled on them. So these are less harmful. They can be cleaned very easily before serving. Banana leaves are also used in some Ayurvedic medicines. It is also used to pack certain types of medicines for a short period of time.

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