Food: Do not eat this tasty food dude, it will make your stomach grow and make you nervous!

Ournew body contains ‘fat’ Character is very important. It works for better and for worse. There are two types of fats in our body. LDL type of fat is considered bad cholesterol. Because it causes fatty deposits in the arteries and damages the heart. Blood flow to the heart is obstructed. HDL is good cholesterol. It helps to flush out excess cholesterol from the body. Bad cholesterol accumulates in the body due to the foods we eat daily. This causes health problems. Look at what those ingredients are. 

Processed meat

Processed meat is high in fat. This is more helpful for those who already suffer from high cholesterol. It harms heart health.

Meat (red meat)

Beef, pork, lamb are called red meat or red meat. These are high in saturated fats. Eating real meat should not be avoided. Experts at Harvard Medical School say that eating fresh meat is healthier than stored meat. Instead, it is better to choose foods that are rich in saturated fat and low cholesterol such as skinless chicken, turkey breast, and beans.

Bakery food

Cookies, bread, etc. They are very tasty to eat. But they are very bad for health. They add a lot of butter and sugar to make them tasty and they are harmful to the body. Those suffering from high cholesterol problem should avoid these as much as possible.

Fried food 

Experts say that fried food, which looks appealing to the eye and is very attractive, is not good for health. Excessive deep frying reduces the number of calories in it. Besides, they do not use healthy cooking oil to fry them.

Fast food

Junk food group is pulled because it is tasty. These increase the risk of many chronic diseases including heart disease and obesity. People who eat fast foods regularly have high cholesterol. Due to this, fat accumulates around the stomach and gets belly fat.


Cholesterol is high in ice cream, cakes and pastries. Sugar and unhealthy fats are rich in calories. They often lead to weight gain. They can also cause obesity, diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer.

Note: Several studies Information collected from researchhealth journals is provided here as usual for your understanding. This information is not a substitute for medical care or treatment. Regarding health.. you should definitely consult a doctor if you have any doubts. For the items mentioned in this article, ‘ABP Country, ‘ABP Network‌ /em>’ note that no responsibility is assumed.

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