Do you use a mask while exercising .. – tips for wearing a mask while exercising know here all in telugu


  • The mask is mandatory in the current circumstances
  • Tips on wearing a mask while exercising

However, N95, a surgical mask, has been shown to reduce body temperature and heart rate by exercising under any mask. Participants were walking or jogging for 60 minutes. Moderate exercise routines from low to low were followed.
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The humidity on the outside and the humidity on the inside of the mask were also examined. However, wearing a mask and exercising made it difficult to breathe. However, it is known that nothing but body temperature and heart rate have changed.

The mask has become well accustomed to us since the epidemic came. The mask helps us a lot to really keep the corona from getting infected. However many people take the mask lightly and refrain from wearing the mask. Don’t forget to wear a mask as the virus is not completely gone yet.
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It is just as important to dress properly as it is to wear. Many people like to wear a mask. Note that this is of no use. Wear a mask properly and be safe from the plague. When you put on the mask make sure it is right. Some masks are damaged. Using such ones will have no result.

When applying the mask make sure the strip part is on your nose. Also, after using the mask, gently hold the threads on both sides. If you hold the middle part, the insects etc. will stick to your hand again.
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It is also important to put the mask in the dust bin once you have used it. After you remove your mask, wash your hands once again with a clean alcohol-based liquid or soap. Adequate precautions must be taken. Otherwise the mask also poses a threat. Looking at the people around us a lot of mistakes are being made in the case of the mask. That should not be done at all. Now that you know how to wear a mask so others tell you to be safe too, keep it up.

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