First Image of Omicron: The new corona variant Omicron … the researchers who released the first photo

The fear of the third wave has not abated yet, the chaos of the second wave has not yet been forgotten … A new variant is emerging soon and disturbing. While the Delta variant was torn to shreds in fear, now the Omicron variant has been struck by lightning. On November 26, 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) identified the B.1.1.529 variant as the Omicron Concerned Corona variant, on the advice of the World Health Organization’s Technical Advisory Group on Virus Evolution. Since then the whole world has gone into a frenzy of fear again. Researchers have not released a single photo of the Omicron variant. Now the Bombino Gas Research Group of Italy and the State University of Milan have teamed up to release the first photo of this new variant.

What does the first photo say …
This photo shows how the Omicron variant works on human cells. The shocking fact is that the variant of the omricon virus variant was found to have more mutations in the area of ​​conflict with human cells. The scientists who invented the vaccine have to figure out how the human body responds to the high number of mutations and how virus spikes are allowed to enter the human cell. Researchers have compared the Omicron variant to the Delta variant in this first image. This photo shows that there are more mutations due to the Omicron variant than the Delta. That is why the World Health Organization is also afraid to look at this new variant. This variant makes you wonder what the situation will be like when the third wave comes. & Nbsp; Seven patients came to the hospital with different symptoms than the Delta variant. All of them showed very slight symptoms. The incident took place on November 18. Weeks later, on November 25, the South African healthcare organization informed the world about Omicron. & Nbsp;

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