Women eat their own umbilical cord after giving birth, these top celebrities have tried their own placenta

During pregnancy, the baby gets nutrients and food through the placenta. In some places, it is believed that eating this placenta of the mother after delivery leads to faster recovery, less postpartum bleeding, a better mood and a good supply of milk in the breast. There is little evidence that there is any benefit from eating the placenta, but a research by NCBI states that the placenta contains many nutrients such as fiber, protein and potassium and also contains hormones such as estradiol and testosterone. There are many mothers around the world who have claimed that eating the placenta has improved their health after delivery, and many scientists believe that women’s personal experience beats science in this matter. Women have accepted that eating their own placenta has increased their breast milk production. Placentophagy means that the placenta is known to increase milk from the food. This has also come to the fore in a research by NCBI and women who eat placenta themselves have accepted this fact. In this article, we are telling you about those celebrity moms who have eaten their placenta.

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