These things said by the parents embarrass the children, even after lakhs of efforts, they go out of their mouth knowingly or unknowingly.

Children are very delicate and innocent and need to be handled very lovingly. Many times in this competitive life and environment, even the parents themselves shame their child knowingly or unknowingly. This directly affects the confidence of the child. Inadvertently right but parents are hurting their child’s self-confidence by this mistake. What is shaming to hurt Sometimes we feel that it is okay to speak bitterly or say something wrong to show the right path to the person in front, but if we talk deeply, it is breaking their trust somewhere and hurting their self-esteem. Parents should take special care about what to say and what not to say to the children because even their small words can hurt the heart of the child and can drop his confidence somewhere. Here we are telling you some such examples which parents often use to shaming their children.

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