These names of children have been specially brought from Serbia, after knowing you will get tired of praising

Serbia is a country in the Balkan region of Europe and is known for its rich heritage. If you’re looking for an unusual exotic name for your baby, you can also check out this list of Serbian baby names. Serbian names are gaining popularity due to their modern pronunciation and deep meaning. These names are influenced by the tradition of the country and represent the diversity of the country. Some common Serbian names also include common English names but most remain in their original form. Below are some Serbian baby boy names. List of baby boy namesDavid: David is a universal name. It is as popular in Serbia as it is in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Russia. The name David comes from the Hebrew word meaning ‘beloved’. David was the greatest king of Israel and who can forget his glorious victory over the giant Goliath. Matija: Matija is the Serbian form of the name Mathias. In the Bible, Matija takes the place of the traitor Judas. You can also choose this holy name. Miloje: This is a Serbian name that comes from the Slavic root ‘milu’, which means ‘grace’. It is a diminutive form of Milojica. Miloje is one of our favorite Serbian boy names.

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