These names of children cannot come in anyone’s mind, meaning that positivity dissolves in thoughts

Parents should keep a meaningful name for their child because it is said that the name affects the behavior and life of the child. Whatever name you are keeping, keep it in mind that it will directly affect the child. You can give your son any name which means thoughtful. Here we are giving you some baby boy names that mean Thought. The meaning of name Abhyas is “study, deep thought, zealous endeavour”. Ehkeel : If your baby boy name is derived from the letter ‘A’ then you can name him Ehkeel. Ehkeel name meanings is Intelligent, Thoughtful, Sensible, King. This name comes from the Sanskrit language. Akil: This name starts with the letter ‘A’. The meaning of name Akil is “fragrance, fire, wanderer, intelligent and contemplative”. Charvik: This name will be very beautiful for your baby boy. This unique name is well liked. Charvik name meanings is Intelligent, Brilliant, Shining, Cunning, Clever and Thoughtful.

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