These British names have a secret all over the world, Indians are also stunned by hearing

Parents are very worried about the name of their child. Parents try to find the most beautiful and unique name for their child and in this cycle they start looking for names. Parents have different preferences regarding the name of the child, some want a Vedic name for their child and some want a modern and English name. If you also want an English name for your son or daughter, then you can check out the list of British names. Here we are telling you some British names for baby girl and baby boy. List of British names: This name comes from the English language. Aston means ‘from ash tree’ or ‘ash tree town’. If you want to give your son an English name, then you can choose the name Aston. Casper: This name is also very much liked in British. The meaning of Casper is attached to a treasure and your son will be no less than a treasure to you too. Edward: If your son’s name is derived from the letter ‘A’ and you are looking for his English or modern name, then the name Edward can choose. Meaning of the name Edward is Wealth, Fortune, Prosperous and Guardian, Protector. Jovan: One can also choose the name Jovan for baby boy. Jovan comes from Slavic, Hebrew and Latin roots. Jovan means ‘God is merciful’ and ‘father’.

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