There has been a fight between brother and sister, some such things said by the parents can break the whole family

Siblings are the biggest support for each other as they grow up, while they are also each other’s biggest enemies and competition in childhood. Sometimes the children’s devils resonate in the house, while sometimes the parents are also troubled by their quarrels. Sometimes it is normal to have a fight between brothers and sisters because of jealousy and sometimes due to competition. Parents and other family members play an important role in pacifying children’s anger and resolving conflicts. Hearing or obeying or giving preference to one child between two children can lead to conflict between siblings and when parents favor one child or ignore one’s feelings when there is a sibling conflict If you do, due to this, the enmity or quarrel among the children may increase further. There are many things spoken by the parents that can inflame the conflict between the siblings or bring bitterness in the mind of both. It is very important that what should you not say to your children.

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