The doctor told that if the baby’s milk tooth is broken, then what to do about it; Throw away or save?

Parents want to make every moment of their children memorable. When the child starts walking or starts talking for the first time, parents want to keep these small things in memories. There are many parents who want to take care of their child’s teeth. They want to give it as a memory when the child grows up. The baby’s milk teeth break and after that new teeth come. Some parents want to take care of the baby’s milk teeth, while some parents do not know what to do with this tooth. If you want to preserve your baby’s milk teeth for stem cell banking, you can consult a dentist about it at the time of tooth extraction. Until the dentist suggests some way, you can store the tooth in cow or buffalo milk. On the other hand, if you want to preserve the tooth due to emotional reasons, then some of the following methods can be useful for you.

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