Superstar’s wife told 5 exercises, normal delivery and healthy baby, then definitely follow

After a lot of difficulties, actress Debina Banerjee has got the happiness of becoming a mother. After sharing the news of her becoming a mother after conceiving, Debina told how difficult the journey was for her and the difficulties she had to face. This year Debina gave birth to a daughter and they named her Liana. During her pregnancy, Debina had worked hard to keep herself healthy and the child’s good health. At that time Debina used to do breathing exercises which helped in keeping both her body and the child healthy. Recently in her YouTube video, Debina has told about some working breathing exercises for which you need different body postures. . Debina did this exercise under the supervision of her instructor and prenatal coach. If you are also pregnant and looking for some exercise for yourself, then you can take inspiration from Debina. Here we are telling you how Debina used to keep herself healthy during pregnancy. However, you should keep in mind that you should not do any exercise during pregnancy without the advice of an expert.

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