Shortcomings remain in the children of scolding parents, some will tremble only after hearing their names.

Many parents feel that it is very important to discipline children to make them successful in life and for their bright future, and parents often adopt strict parenting to discipline them. Do you also expect your child to follow your every order without question? Do you also think that if he listens to you, then only he loves you? Do you also think that whenever he refuses to obey you, he should be given strict punishment? If you have too much demand from your child, then it is possible that you are abusing your child physically and emotionally. It has been proved in science that children who are brought up in a very strict environment, later on their self There is a lack of confidence, they are bullied by other children and can even come under the grip of depression. Many children struggle with weight issues and self-control. It is wrong for parents to do this and today in this article, we are telling you that parents being overly strict with their child, what effect does it have on them.

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