Scooty driving can be heavy in pregnancy, the doctor told what can happen to the child?

Pregnancy is a difficult time in which women need to take special care of themselves. Even a small mistake of theirs can take a toll on the health of the mother and the child. The first three months of pregnancy and the last three months are more critical as the risk of miscarriage is higher in the first three months, while the last three months require caution due to the risk of premature delivery. At this time many women go to office and take the help of scooter or three wheeler to go to office. However, pregnant women are not aware that in which month they should stop using these modes of transport and whether it is safe to use them during pregnancy? More secure means should be used. Two wheelers such as motor bike, scooter or scooty and auto or rickshaw are less safe than car, train or metro. Women are at risk of injury due to these means. If you are also pregnant then here you can know whether you should drive or sit on the scooter at this time.

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