Parents are still stuck in these useless things, change their children or else they will be in trouble

Many crimes are committed with the children inside the boundary wall of the house and sometimes it is the family member who commits the crime or the victim comes out. Parents should not teach children to trust their elders blindly, rather they should use their intelligence to understand who they should trust and who are not worthy of their trust. If your child tells any bad or wrong thing about an elder person or member, then do not ignore it but listen to him in the right way. If not, then don’t force the child to do it. Parents should keep such people away from their child. Have seen more world than you When the child tells his parents about his mind, parents often silence him by saying that we have seen more world than you and we have more know. Experience doesn’t just come by age. The child will have more school experience than a 70-year-old grandfather or grandmother. If your child comes to you for any advice, then definitely listen to him.

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