Laxmi herself has come to these 6 beautiful women of the world, her whole life has changed

It is said that God gives the happiness of daughter to those who are lucky enough and this is also true in many ways because whether the son supports the parents till the last breath or not, but the daughter definitely plays along. The birth of daughters in India was once considered a curse but it is no longer so. Now people’s thinking about the birth of a daughter is changing and parents celebrate the birth of a daughter in the same way as they do when a son is born. Many beauties who have won beauty pageants are also mothers of daughters and are enjoying their motherhood journey. In this article, we are telling you the names of some such world beauties who have been blessed with daughter’s happiness. It is said that the upbringing of daughters is different from that of sons. Sushmita Sen In 1994, Sushmita Sen became Miss Universe at the age of 18. It is a matter of pride for any girl to achieve such a huge achievement at such a young age. After winning the crown, Sushmita stepped into films and she was well-liked here too. Sushmita Sen is the mother of two daughters Rene and Alisa. At the age of 25, Sushmita first adopted daughter Rene and then in 2010 she adopted Alisa.

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