It is important for every child to fail, some such lessons are learned from the failure, that the heart of the parents becomes happy.

It is said that life teaches its own lessons and every person learns more from his own life experience than others. Whatever happens in our life, we get to learn something from it and many situations also tell us about failure. Failure comes at some point in the life of every human being if not today or tomorrow. So should we prepare our children for failure? No matter how old children become, parents always find them small and are always protective for them. But as children grow up, they have a world in front of them in which there are many ups and downs and in the meantime they have to go through many emotions. Parents always try to be with their children but this is not possible every time. Maybe that’s why we need to teach our children that failure is as real as chocolate and by accepting your failure, you work on your success. If you also want your child to become real and let him know the real life, then Be sure to tell him about the failure too.

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