Can driving on road potholes start labor pain? The doctor himself also gave a warning

The roads of India are in very bad condition. After a few months of construction of new roads, potholes start appearing in them and the journey starts getting worse. While traveling, due to potholes and frequent pushes, there is a lot of trouble and the journey is also disturbed. Traveling during pregnancy on such roads can be quite uncomfortable. Frequent bumps on the road can also lead to contractions in the abdomen and many women fear that it may also trigger labor pains. If you also feel that traveling by car on bumpy roads or potholes can trigger labor pain, then here you can know whether this is true or not. What really happens in labor pain mother’s lap IVF Dr. Shobha Gupta, Medical Director of the Center and IVF Expert, says that even in the eighth or ninth month of pregnancy, traveling on bumpy roads does not trigger labor pain. The risk of shock is reduced. Dr Shobha says that repeated shocks can frighten the baby in the womb, so it is best to avoid traveling to such places.

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