Breastfeeding mothers are not able to produce milk in cold, easy tips can reduce the pain of the mother and the hunger of the child.

Being a mother is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Not only for the mother, but also for the child who comes into this world and hugs his mother’s chest. Telling the beautiful moments, every mother puts her whole life in the upbringing of her newborn, but many times such problems come to the fore, due to which the new mother may have to face mental problems as well as physical problems. We are talking about a very common problem which is the numbness of the nipple due to cold. Because of this, the baby starts feeling pain in the nipple while feeding. Sometimes the effect of cold is so much on the nipple that itching and discomfort can also be felt in the nipple. Due to lack of milk flow from the nipple and complete emptying of milk from the breast, the nipple The ducts around it begin to close, due to which blockage starts coming in the milk duct. Many times giving a long time gap in feeding the babies or getting milk completely from the breast with the help of breast pump can also cause pain, itching and numbness in other moments. To avoid this problem, it is most important to feed the baby from time to time, extract milk completely with the help of breast pump. If the blockage is due to cold, then choosing a warm room and wearing warm clothes while feeding can also get rid of this problem.

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