Excessive Screen Time: Are you watching mobile too much? But your eyes don’t have those problems

Excessive Screen Time: Are you watching mobile too much?  But your eyes don’t have those problems

Excessive Screen Time : Aren’t they guys, uncle? A hero says in a movie that we don’t get sleep that early. But now it’s not just for guys.. Everyone who has a smart phone can’t sleep. Many are facing health problems due to this. There are many problems especially related to eyes. According to medical experts, the eyes of those who spend too much time looking at the screen can quickly dry out.

The eyes do not produce enough water, which leads to dry eyes. This can cause discomfort in your eye and vision problems. This causes many problems like pain, burning and itching in the eyes. The number of people suffering from dry eyes is increasing day by day due to prolonged screen time. However, a journal published in 2019 found that dry eye disease is so common that by 2030, its prevalence will increase by nearly 40 percent. But this problem that comes with age now comes regardless of age. Especially young women are victims.

Causes of dry eyes

There are many reasons for dry eyes. Drinking less water, watching mobile or TV screen too much, not following a proper healthy lifestyle, sitting in AC for a long time can also cause dry eyes. So spend less time in front of mobile, TV and computer screens. Take breaks while reading books. Medical problems like rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes can also cause dry eyes. Drugs and antidepressants can also cause dry eyes. 

Symptoms of dry eyes 

Increased irritation. There is a feeling of any line or dust in the eye. It causes itching. Eyes become red. Eyes become red due to irritation and inflammation. It can cause eye irritation. When the eyes are dry, the water drains from the eye more. If this problem occurs due to lack of water from the eye.. This problem causes water to flow from the eye. Vision becomes blurred. Especially those who look at the screen a lot and read a lot have this problem. 

Is there a treatment for this?

Eye drops are used to restore dry eyes. It provides relief and encourages natural tears in the eye. Medicines prescribed by the doctor will give you good results. However, no matter how many medicines are used, some changes in lifestyle must be made. Take some rest while using the screen. It is better to use glasses with antique layer while using the screen.

It is very important to protect your eyes from dust and wind. If you follow these small precautions.. you will save your eyes. Doing eye exercises can improve eyesight. Keeping the eyelids clean is very important. These help prevent blocked tear glands.

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