Excessive exercise can harm you, be careful, otherwise you may be in trouble…

Excessive exercise can harm you, be careful, otherwise you may be in trouble…
Over Exercising Side Effects: Exercise is very beneficial for health but do you know that excessive exercise can also make you sick. It also has many side effects (Side Effects of Too Much Exercise). Actually, the purpose of exercise is to keep the body fit and fine. But some people make the body tired by exercising more. Due to excessive workouts, problems like heart disease, sleep problems, loss of appetite start. That’s why before exercising, the need and capacity of the body should be understood. The body can be protected from harm by exercising within a fixed limit. Let’s know what are the problems of excessive exercise…

muscle strain‍and excruciating pain

According to health experts, if someone exercises more than necessary, then there may be a problem of muscle strain and intolerable pain. High-intensity exercise activates the muscles completely and leads to over-stretching, which puts more pressure on the body and increases the risk of pain.

Damage to heart health

The thinking that getting fit quickly with more exercise is not correct. It’s just a mistake. Because doing more exercise increases blood pressure and can damage the heart. Due to excessive workout, the body is not able to relax and the heart moves faster than the normal rate.

Loss of appetite

Exercise increases appetite.  But if more exercise is done, then there can be a decrease in appetite. The reason for this is that hormonal changes occur in the body due to excessive exercise. Due to which the appetite decreases. OTS stands for Overtraining Syndrome which can cause loss of appetite, fatigue and weight loss.


Whenever the balance of your body’s stress hormones deteriorates, the body feels stressed during sleep. Due to this one does not sleep well. After exercise, the body needs recovery. Excessive exercise can sometimes lead to mood swings and irritability, along with insufficient sleep and fatigue.

Immunity‍may be weak

Fatigue or weakness after exercising more than necessary is a sign of immunity week. Weakness of the immune system increases the risk of infection and disease in the body. 
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