Election: What is NOTA bro? What will happen if ‘Nota’ gets the most votes? find out


NOTA in Election : You may have any political party (Election) candidate and you don’t want to vote for any of them? The Election Commission has made an arrangement for this. At that time you NOTA button. Now that you have an option in the selection, you can press the ‘None of the Above’ button. Pressing the NOTA button means that none of the contesting candidates are eligible for your vote. Do you know what will happen if this NOTA gets maximum votes? If this happens, will the election be canceled and re-election? Know in detail

Why was NOTA needed?
Until NOTA system was in place in the country, if any candidate felt ineligible in an election, they would vote for it. They did not go and then their votes were wasted. In such a situation people had to be deprived of the right to vote. In 2009, the Election Commission informed the Supreme Court about providing an alternative to NOTA. 

When did NOTA come?
Later, the civil rights organization People’s Union for Civil Liberties also criticized NOTA. Filed a Public Interest Litigation in support of Then in 2013, the court decided to give NOTA option to voters. Thus another option NOTA was added in EVM. Thus, India has become the fourteenth country in the world to provide NOTA option.

When was NOTA used for the first time?
Election Commission of India in December 2013 Instructions were given to make NOTA button option available in electronic voting machines in assembly elections. During the counting of votes at that time, the votes cast on NOTA were also counted. How many people voted in NOTA is also evaluated. Through election (NOTA) it only gives a message that what percentage of voters do not want any candidate.

When there was no NOTA system in our country, voters used to express their protest by not voting in elections. In this way, a large number of voters’ votes were being wasted. As a solution to this, the option of NOTA was given to maintain orderliness in the electoral process and politics. The NOTA option is applicable in many countries including India, Greece, Ukraine, Spain, Colombia and Russia.

Ballot paper was used before the use of EVMs in elections. Even then voters had the right to protest by leaving the ballot paper blank. This means that the electorate has not preferred any of the contesting candidates.

Rule 49-0 of the Elections Act 1961 states, "If a voter comes to vote and affixes his signature or thumb impression under sub-rule (1) of rule 49L, on Form 17A, then if a person does not wish to register a vote, the same is entered in the register. Also the polling officer has to write a comment about it. 

In 2009, the Election Commission informed the Supreme Court about providing an alternative to NOTA. Subsequently, civil rights organization People’s Union for Civil Liberties also filed a PIL in support of NOTA. On which in 2013 the court had decided to give the option of NOTA to the voters. Later the Election Commission clarified that NOTA votes will be counted, but will be kept in the category of void votes.

Which countries have NOTA?  What happens if NOTA gets more votes?
Before India, USA, Colombia, Ukraine, Russia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Finland, Spain, France, Chile, Sweden, Belgium, Greece and now 13 in this list NOTA option is available to the public at the time of polling in the countries. India is also included at number 14. Some of these countries are also Where NOTA has been empowered. It means that if NOTA gets more votes, the election is canceled and the candidate who gets less votes than NOTA cannot contest again.

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