Egg Pickle: Egg pickle that can be stored for months, tastes very much like chicken pickle

Nilva pachallu is very dear to Telugu people. Mango greens and tomato greens, which can be stored for months, are eaten very fondly. For non-veg lovers, there are chicken and mutton pickles. Prawn curry also has many fans. Have you ever eaten raw egg? Do you want to do that? Like the chicken greens, its taste is overwhelming. Even if you do it once, you can eat it happily because it will not spoil the whole month. For those who don’t have the patience to cook curry, this pacchadi is very helpful. It also tastes great. It’s like eating a thick spiced egg gravy. Don’t think that it means cutting the chicken egg when it is green. Egg to egg is whole.  

Eggs – eight
Ginger garlic paste – two spoons
Mustard oil  – six teaspoons
Garam Masala – four teaspoons
Chili – two teaspoons
Cumin – two teaspoons
Salt – to taste
Methi powder – two spoons
Mustard powder – two spoons
Curry leaves – three sprigs
Lemon juice – two spoons

Preparation as
1. Boil the eggs and peel them and keep them aside. 
2. Now add some oil in a pan and fry the eggs. If the chicken eggs are pricked, they will be faster. 
3. Fry until the color of the eggs changes a little. 
4. Then put ginger garlic paste in it. 
5. Add hot pepper, garam masala salt to it and fry for a while. 
6. Add all the curry leaves and close the stove. 
7. This whole mixture should be cooled. After cooling, add mustard powder and fenugreek powder and mix. 
8. At the end, mix the lemon juice and flour well. 
9. It is like gravy. So if you eat it with hot rice, the taste will be different. 

Eating egg has many benefits…
Eating egg has many nutrients that our body needs. Vitamin D is also found. Calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B… are available in abundance. Choline, a nutrient present in it, maintains the health of brain cells. Children, pregnant and lactating women should definitely eat an egg every day. This gives them enough energy for their body. Women who eat eggs are less likely to develop breast cancer. Eggs are rich in vitamin A. It protects eyesight. People suffering from nerve weakness will get rid of it quickly by eating egg. Its nutrients are very good for the heart and blood vessels.

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