Eating chicken every day? Eating like this is sure to cause these problems

If you have a piece every day, but not many people will get it. If you get used to eating chicken like this every day, some health problems will not occur. Chicken is healthy, but it is not necessary to eat it every day. It is enough to eat once in two or three days. If you are in the habit of eating it daily, do not eat more than two pieces. This is the healthiest meat after fish. Eating it twice a week is enough to provide our body with the protein it needs. If you eat it every day whether it is healthy or not, the chances of getting some diseases will increase. 

High protein
Chicken is high in protein. People who eat chicken meat daily get more protein in their body. It gets stored as fat. You gain weight without knowing it. Blood lipid levels increase. So it is better to avoid the habit of eating it daily. 

Heart diseases
Eating too much chicken can increase cholesterol levels. It also increases the chance of cardiovascular diseases. Excessive consumption of high protein products such as chicken may indirectly increase the risk of heart disease. That means buying an early death. 

Weight gain
Chicken is a source of animal-based protein. Eating it can make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. It means that the weight will increase. Researchers have found that BMI of those who eat chicken daily is higher compared to vegetarians. 

Food poisoning‌
Chicken should be washed clean and cooked well. If this is not done, there is a high chance of getting food poisoning. Bacteria such as salmonella and campylobacter are present on uncooked chicken. If we touch the chicken, there is a possibility that it will stick to our hands and enter the stomach. Also, if not cooked properly, these bacteria can enter the body and cause illness. It is very dangerous for pregnant women.

Antibiotics may not work
There are reports of poultry farmers forcing antibiotic injections into the hens they raise. Antibiotic resistance increases among such chicken eaters. This means that the antibiotics that the doctors gave you when you were sick are not working on you. Avoid the habit of eating chicken every day as there are so many problems. 

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