Eat these to reduce the burning feeling after eating spicy food

Northern people don’t eat much chilli, but in our south we like to eat spicy foods. There is a lot of emphasis on masala in Indian cuisine. There are many people who immediately drink water to reduce the bitterness of masala, chili and green pepper.  But drinking water like that is of no use. According to experts, after eating spicy food, spicy food contains a substance called capsaicin. It sticks to the tip of the tongue and starts burning. That inflammation sends a signal to the brain that gives it a burning sensation. That sign gives us a burning feeling. Eating certain types of food can reduce that feeling.

1. Drink some milk when the inflammation is high after eating spicy food. Milk contains casein. Casein with capsaicin in spicy food stops stomach inflammation. 2. Eating two to three spoons of curd gives good results. Curd also works like milk. That’s why Indian meals end with curd at the end. Curd gives immediate relief to the mouth and stomach. It is very important to keep curd on the side when eating spicy food. 

3. Believe it or not, tea can also reduce inflammation in your mouth and stomach. Drinking hot tea increases inflammation but how does it reduce it? It can be argued that But once you try it you will know. Sure tea works. 

4. If there is too much inflammation, eating sweet bread or cakes immediately will give good results. If you don’t have cakes at home, chew some aniseed seeds right away. Or eating dry white pepper will provide good relief. 

It is better to reduce the chilli when your body cannot tolerate it. Also spices should be eaten in moderation.

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