Earth Inner Core Slowing Down: Whammo, Earth’s Inner Core Slowing Down – A Threat?

We know that the

Earth revolves around itself and revolves around the Sun. However, for years we thought that the whole earth revolved around it. However, researchers say that the layers of the earth also rotate. That is, it is said that the interior of the earth is layered and the surface of the earth where we live is filled with hills, slopes, plains and seas. The layer above the earth is called the earth’s crust. As far as this earth’s crust is.. Imagine that we went into the sea and drilled there for a hundred kilometers. It can be assumed that the earth’s crust will be there. Diamonds, coal, stones and gravel are all within this hundred kilometers. It means that all this is frozen material.

And if you go inside beyond that hundred kilometers, the layer that comes is called mantle. This layal is about 2900 kms. Again it has many sub divisions. Mantle is generally considered to be the layer within 2900 km of the ocean floor. Scientists believe that all silicon and oxygen compounds are made here.

If the mantle layer is also crossed, it would be the outer core. It is 5100 km inland from the ocean bed. This outer core is also filled with liquid iron and nickel. If we go further inside, the inner core was up to 6378 km. Its radius is about 1220 km. This means that our Earth’s inner core is the size of Pluto. It is all liquid. It is also liquid iron. Do you know what the temperature is here? Approximately 5200 degrees. Temperatures above 50 degrees are what make us shiver. Can such a thing withstand the temperature of Earth’s inner core? At least ashes remain. We evaporate when we reach the beginning of the inner core. 

Inner core and outer core‌s rotate in different directions!

As our earth rotates, so does this inner core inside. It rotates. Scientists believe that this inner core rotates due to the magnetic field of the outer core above the inner core. Due to mantle gravity on that outer core.. that outer core is producing magnetic field. In general, if the Earth’s surface rotates in the same direction, the inner core must rotate in the same direction. But, not like that.. it rotates according to its will. 

This is the real problem!

Recently researchers have discovered a shocking thing. Yang Yi and Song Shia Dong, two scientists from Perking University in China wrote an article for the journal Nature Geoscience. This means that the inner core rotates more slowly than the rotating Earth above. Since 2009, it has been said that it has been moving slowly. He said that this is clear if the graphs are drawn due to the earthquakes occurring since then. He also clarified that there is no need to worry if the earth stops rotating if it stops rotating. 

What will happen? What kind of changes will take place?

Thus the inner core slows down… in the opposite direction to the rotation of the Earth above, it happens like a cycle once every 70 years. It is estimated that this inner core was faster than Earth’s speed before 1970 and then decreased. Again after 2040 i.e. after 70 years this inner core speed is expected to increase. Now the inner core stops for a while once every 70 years during this time of increasing and decreasing speed. There is no danger to people’s lives due to this. But, in our time there will be differences. Few milliseconds are reduced. Daylights are shortened. However, why the core accelerates and decelerates every 70 years is still unclear. This mystery is not even for scientists. 

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