Early morning heart attacks are more likely in winter, why? – How to save?

When summer comes, diseases like typhoid and malaria flare up. If cold drops start, Dengue, Diarrhea, Hepatitis A are ready to come. Everyone thinks that cold, cough, fever and pneumonia come during winter. But the chances of heart attack are also high. Very few people know this. Doctors say that there are more cases of heart attack in the early morning especially during winter. Eminent doctors say that there are many reasons for this. According to them, when the temperatures start to drop, the risk of heart attack increases. 

Why in winter?
When there is a sudden drop in temperature, heart health also deteriorates. If your blood pressure is abnormally fluctuating, or your heart rate is high or low, you should not go outside in cold weather. Keep the body warm by covering it with two or three blankets or in a warm place. In winter, fog causes respiratory problems. This increases chest infections and breathing problems. So the elderly and people with heart problems should avoid fog. Be careful at home without cold wind and cold weather. Also, the water you drink in summer gets out in the form of sweat. But drinking too much water in winter increases the risk of heart attack. Sweat does not occur in cold weather. Due to this, fluids remain stored in the lungs. This increases breathing problems. This condition eventually affects the heart. 

Vitamin D or…
Many people develop vitamin D deficiency during winter. The reason is less sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency can also lead to many health problems. Vitamin D is essential to prevent heart failure after a heart attack. Vitamin D should be taken in the form of food or supplements during winters to avoid loss. 

Some precautions…
Some precautions should be taken to reduce the chances of heart attack in winters. 
1. It is better to reduce the consumption of water and salt as you don’t sweat much in winter. 
2. Do not sit in one place for too long. Exercise and walking should be done. 
3. Also, people with heart problems should use medicines exactly as prescribed by doctors. 

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