Dussehra 2022 : One of the three and a half muhurtas is ‘Dussehra’; What is a mythological legend?


Dussehra 2022 : Vijayadashami (Vijayadashami) means Ashwin Suddha DShami day is considered important in Indian culture. On this day "Dussehra" Also called (Dussehra 2022) . Navratri Festival begins after the installation of Goddess Ashwin Shuddha Pratipada. And on the tenth day Vijayadashami i.e. Dussehra is celebrated. Dussehra is one of the three and a half Muhurtas.

Vijayadashami, considered one of the three and a half muhurtas, marks the beginning of a new work. Purchase of new vehicles, goods and clothes, purchase of gold. Goddess Saraswati, who is considered to be the goddess of learning, is specially worshiped on this Dussehra day. Aparajita Devi is worshiped on this day. On the day of Dussehra, the custom of crossing the village boundary is prevalent. On Dussehra (Dussehra) give each other leaves of Apta ‘gold’ So gives. 

Farmer’s Dussehra :

The custom of bringing home the first harvest of agriculture on Dussehra and celebrating it is still followed in every village. Some of this new grain is tied in a toran made of lombia, marigold flowers and mango leaves. It is considered a symbol of happiness and prosperity. On this day, the four rituals of Seemollanghan, Shami Pujan, Aparajitadevi Puja and Shastrupuja were used by the kings, princes and chieftains.    

What is a mythological legend? (History Of Dussehra) :

There is a legend that Sri Rama killed Ravana on the day of Vijaya Dashami. There is also a legend that on this day the Pandavas returned from exile. The Pandavas hid their weapons in a drum on the Shami tree before going into exile. Among them there is a story of how Arjuna, in the form of Brihannade, used the Gandiva bow and some arrows to rescue Virata’s cows, and after the performance put them back on the tree. Therefore Vijayadashami is celebrated by worshiping Shami.
The tree whose leaves are plucked on Vijayadashami day is called Ashmantak. These leaves are effective against pitta and kapha doshas.

Important News : 

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