Dreams Meaning: If you see this in your dream you will lose your assets ..

Chinese fan ..

When it comes to dreaming of this fan who is like a whistle to the eye, there are some things that can not be said. This means that if it appears in our dream, it means arguing with someone .. or you are afraid of a conflict with someone. So .. be careful when it appears in a dream.

Hands ..

In the same way, if the hands are visible .. Do you say that the hands are visible when the human beings are visible .. Do not say that if only the hands are visible, it means that you will have any problem.
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Snow ..

If snow appears in a dream it means that you are going to face some problems. However, in some cases, the dream also comes to escape from the problems ..

Lock ear ..

Experts say that it is a dream that suggests that it is a solution to the problem that is bothering you.

Lock ..

If the same key appears, it means that you need security or are under pressure. That’s why experts say that dream comes true.

Assets are lost if the sunset appears

Sunset ..

That is when the sunset comes in your dream .. as if it is time for you to protect your possessions. It means that someone else has their eye on your assets. So be careful ..

Zoo ..

If the zoo comes in your dream it means you are in some kind of confusion. That’s why the zoo says you can see in a dream.
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Needle ..

If a needle appears in a dream it indicates strife in your home. Needles come in a dream when there is a lot of trouble in the house.

Rat ..

If a rat appears in the same dream it means that you are stuck in something. It means that you are unnecessarily stuck in any business like your personal, official, family.

Jail ..

If you dream of prison, or dream of being in prison, it means that you are stressed or in trouble.
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But these are also the things that experts say. These come true in some cases. In some other cases not. The task we have to do is to know how to get out of whatever happens. Must have the courage to face any problem. That’s all, but do not sit back and worry about what happened.

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