Dosa with Leftover Rice: Dosa with Leftover Rice

It is common in every household to have leftover rice. Especially at night if there is any rice left, we will drop it. Don’t do that this time. Cover and refrigerate. When you wake up in the morning, bake them nicely. Put the rice in the fridge and hide the rubby overnight if you do not want to reuse it. This recipe is very useful for mothers as these doshas can be cooked instantly. These can be prepared as breakfast for school going children in lunch box.

Rice – one cup
Rice flour – one cup
Wheat flour – half cup
Water – one and half cup
Yogurt – quarter cup
Baking soda – quarter spoon
(no need to add if not preferred)
Oil – enough
Salt – to taste Adequate

Preparation Like …
1. Grind the rice in a mixer. If the rice sticks to the mixi jar, add water and grind. & Nbsp;
2. Add wheat flour and rice flour and mix well. Pour water until the dough is smooth like flour. & Nbsp;
3. Add salt and a pinch of baking soda and set aside for a quarter of an hour. & Nbsp;
4. You can hide this grind in the fridge and bake it in the morning. Or it can be applied instantly. & Nbsp;
5. Put oil on the pan and bake.
6. The rice cakes are very crispy. & Nbsp;
7. These are very tasty when eaten with coconut chutney and tomato chutney. 

Is it good for health?
All the ingredients used in this dosha are good. Rice is what we eat every day. It gives energy to the body. Rice flour also gives almost the same energy as rice. Wheat is much healthier when eaten in moderation. Wheat purifies the blood. Red blood cells develop. Wheat is rich in folic acid, iron and B12. Wheat can help those who want to lose weight. This recipe is easy to make. Even rice is not a waste because of eating doshas like this. & Nbsp;

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