Dosa Recipe: Zucchini – Pesara Dosa, try it once

Dosa Recipe: Zucchini – Pesara Dosa, try it once

Masala Doshe, Onion Doshe, Pesarattu always eat these tiffins and get bored. Try the new Sorakaya-Pesara Dosha. The taste is sure to impress. It also contains many nutrients and is very healthy to eat. 

Gucchini pieces – one cup
Pesara dal – one cup
Rice flour – one tea spoon
Fresh pepper – one bunch
Ginger piece – small
Green chillies – two 
Salt – to taste
Oil – enough

Preparation as
1. Soak the peeled chickpeas for four hours. 
2. After soaking, add pesars, ginger pieces, green chillies and salt in a mixer jar and grind it finely. 
3. Now cut the zucchini pieces into small pieces and put them in a mixing jar. 
4. Grind with pesters. Take out the dough and put it in a bowl. 
5. Add finely chopped coriander, rice flour and chopped green chillies to the flour and mix
6. Water can be added if needed to make the doshas pourable. 
7.  When the penam heats up, add oil and pour doshella. 
8. If you eat these doshas with coconut chutney, the taste will be different. 

We have used two best foods in this recipe. They are Zucchini and Peas. These two also provide many nutrients required by the body. Zucchini is low in calories and high in fiber. So no matter how much you eat, you will not gain weight. Prevents bladder infections and urinary tract diseases. It contains a lot of water. So the body becomes moist. It is rich in iron, sodium and potassium. Eating these will melt fat in the body. Eating zucchini keeps the blood glucose levels under control. 

Not to mention how strong pesarpapu is. By eating fenugreek, the body is rich in proteins, amino acids and antioxidants. All these prevent cancer and heart diseases. Eating fenugreek also helps to lose excess weight. It also contains folate, niacin, vitamin B6, potassium, iron and protein. All these are what we need. 

If you don’t like zucchini, you can make tasty pesarattu with fenugreek, rice and menadal as shown in the link given below. Otherwise, doing this will not give a new taste, it will be the same as the mistakes you have made. Addition of Zucchini gives a new taste. 


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