Don’t stop sneezing, you will die – do you know what happened to him who tried to stop?

Don’t stop sneezing, you will die – do you know what happened to him who tried to stop?

Do you forcefully stop sneezing? However, don’t do that at all. Because.. Stopping sneezing is fatal. This is evidenced by the bitter experience of a person from Britain. What happened to him? What happens if you force a sneeze to stop?

Sneezing is an involuntary act of retaliation. The body’s response is to flush out any particles like dust in the nose as quickly as possible. Sneezing is one of the symptoms of cold. But there are various things around a sneeze. There are also certain beliefs. They also scold you for sneezing at the wrong time. Sneezing is also considered an omen. In some such belief or in some cases they stop sneezing because it is a disturbance. He got an injury in his throat because he sneezed so hard. This article was published in BMJ Case Reports in 2018. A 34-year-old man tried to stop sneezing very forcefully by closing his mouth tightly and closing both nostrils. The energy released by that sneeze caused a wound in his throat.

Since then, strange symptoms like difficulty in swallowing, change in voice and popping noises in the neck started appearing. Doctors say that in an attempt to stop the sneeze, the air generated by the sneeze got stuck in his throat and thus some tissues in the throat were damaged. Injury to the pharynx is rare. Usually the pharynx is injured due to vomiting and severe coughing.

Doctors kept him under observation after the tests, thinking that there is a risk of any serious infection. He was given a feeding tube and antibiotics. After two weeks of treatment, he recovered to be able to take soft food.

Doctors warn that it is very dangerous to stop sneezing by closing the mouth and nose at the same time. It is better not to stop sneezing. Whatever the reason! Doctors suggest not to try to stop sneezing. Holding a sneeze can cause various serious problems like pseudomediastinum which means air gets trapped between two lungs, perforation of tympanic membrane which means severe ear infection, cerebral aneurysm which means rupture of blood vessel in the brain. So doctors advise that it is better to sneeze openly.

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